About us

We are a small large family specialized in automations. Our engineers, adapting to the rules and needs of the international market, are professionals in the design of motors, Control boards, receivers, controls and security devices that respond to WiFi technology so that you can open your doors and blinds comfortably from your mobile, downloading our Daspi App, which you will find for free on the App Store and Google Play. And you can also control it with Amazon Alexa and Google Home.


Streamline the control and security of your business and home comfortably from your mobile.


Automate your business, home and lifestyle.


We design integrated solutions for comfort, safety and technology.


Development – Top research in electronic solutions.

Analysis – Knowig the market and the needs of our customers.

Service – Personalized commercial attention and after-sales technical service.

Perseverance – The key to success is experimenting, failing, learning and improving.

Innovation – We improve every day by merging functionality, speed, comfort and elegance.