1. What does Daspi sell?

It sells motors, control boards, electronics for automatic gates, safety such as photocells and radio bands, remotes and receivers. That is, everything that is linked to the automatic gate but the gate.

2. What does it mean that Daspi products are WiFi?

That all our products can be controlled through the mobile application, which is a WiFi application.

3. Who are Daspi products aimed at?

The recipients, our final target, are the installers and distributors (intermediaries). These distributors do not necessarily have to be installers, but can sell to installers later. Our products are not usually aimed at the end user or the individual in the house.

4. What is the warranty time of our products?

2 years. It is the guarantee time established by the General Law for the Defense of Spanish Consumers and Users against new products.

5. What are automatisms and how to choose them?

When we talk about automation, we talk about being able to control something electronically. How to choose them? It depends on the client’s desire: if the gate is a sliding gate, if it is a swing gate, what he wants to achieve with the automation: if it is security, he has the photocells; if the gate is a roller one, the motor will be rollable… It always depends on the need of the client.

6. How long does it take getting the product?

In the Iberian Peninsula, between 24 and 48 hours. For Europe, it is usually 5 days. And for the other world destinations it is usually between 7 and 10 days.

7. Can I install a motor or any other electronic device if I am not an installer?

Yes, you can, but it is not recommended since you must have a minimum knowledge on electronics, operation, electricity… If you do not have them, it will be very difficult. However, we have manuals and tutorials that can be a reinforcement for those who want to take risks.

8. What are the best automation brands on the international market?

In the American market it is LIFTMASTER, based in the United States. In Europe, on the other hand, the competition is notable: DASPI, FAAC, BFT, SOMMER…In the American market it is LIFTMASTER, based in the United States. In Europe, on the other hand, the competition is notable: DASPI, FAAC, BFT, SOMMER…

9. I'm having difficulties installing and programming my product, what do I do?

First, read the manual. Second, watch the help videos. Finally, call our technical service: +34 689 606 844.

10. What is the safety exit on a control panel?

It is the one that controls the security function you want to have. It is where the safety device is connected, in this case, the photocell.

11. What does “anti-crushing” mean in a control panel?

It is the force performed by the control board to crush an object or person. When you put an anti-crushing system, you are telling the control board to recognize the resistance that it’s been doing to be able to close. Thus, the gate learns that something is interfering with its maneuvering and goes back. It is a safety system for the control board. The system has it integrated into its programming chip; the control panel reads when its consumption increases, and when does it, it means that pressure is bigger and then it stops the gate.

12. What is the “community function”?

It is an option that the control boards carry allowing you to control a community, that is, that no one in the community can play with the gate. We avoid a playful use of the gate. The control board can only open the gate, without being able to close or stop it. To close there will be an automatic closing, and to stop it there are safety devices, which always accompany the community function.

13. What is the difference between volts (V) and watts (W)?

The volts are the voltage at which the control board works and the watts are the power.


14. Motors speak of force in newtons (N) and in kilos (Kg). What difference there are?

Newtons are the force itself that the motor exerts. The kilos are the weight that the motor can move. For example: a sliding motor of 800 Kg would move a gate weighing 800 Kg; A 1000 N motor makes you a force of 1000 N which may be equivalent to 100 Kg of weight, and differentiating that moving a gate is not the same as dragging/pushing it, that is, the door can weigh 200 Kg but you do not need to lift it , but drag it.

15. What are DIPS?

They are the switches on the control board and allow you to select the different configurations or the different operating options. In each control board, by the way, we usually have 16 DIPS, although there are control board that have 8. Not all of those DIPS are activated, but this way we have room to put new options without having to make new plates.


16. Do we only find DIPS on the control boards?

No. We also find them on the receivers and remotes.


Accordion Panel

That the user must be in front of the gate for that gate to work, that is, if you press the button on the remote control, it would not be a man present (it would be what is known as “step by step”: pulse and open, pulse-stop , pure-close); “dead man” implies that a person keeps the finger pressed all the time so that the gate finishes opening completely. And in the case of industrial gate, for example, you have to keep your finger pressing the membrane of the gate. The user must always be present.

18. What does soft stop mean?

The deceleration that the gate makes at the end of each maneuver.     


19. What are the limit switches?

It is a switch carried by the motors so that when the gate touches it, it indicates to the control board that it has reached the end of its maneuver. It is a device that gives an order to end this maneuver: it arrives, touches and ends the order.


20. What is the automatic closing?

It is that the gate closes itself after a while. And that time can be programmed; the installer programs it on the control board.



21. What is a photocell for?

To include safety on your gates. When you install a photocell and the gate is moving, the photocell will be working, and if you pass in front of it (the photocell) you cut the beam of light that it emits, which tells the gate that there is someone crossing through; the gate, to avoid crushing someone, will stop and open.




22. What are polarization filters?

They are filters on certain safety devices to prevent sunlight from bothering them.




23. What are LEDs?

They are light indicators that communicate that the control board is running.



24. What is the amper stop?

It is the anti-crushing system of the control board. When the board has a higher current draw than you have installed or adjusted, it thinks that it is squashing something and stops.



25. What is a multi-brand receiver?

A receiver to which you can introduce different brands by changing the position of the DIPS.



26. I can't pair my device with my remote. Most common causes.

If the device is multi-brand, you maybe don’t have the combination for that remote. Or: if the remote is multi-brand, you probably don’t have the combination for that device. How do we solve it? Looking at the manual with the correct combination.




27. What are the Rolling and Fixed codes of the remotes?

In the remote with Rolling code, each time you press that button you generate a different sequence; It is like a serial number where the first 6 numbers are fixed, and the second 6 numbers are changing –that is the rolling code, also known as evolving or changing code. On the other side, the fixed code has its number and always emits the same signal with the same codes; These codes are for connecting to the receiver.   



28. What is automatic registration in a remote control?

It is when a remote is inserted into a receiver without touching the programming button on the receiver. How do you get it? Normally there are brands in which you hold down the button you want to enter for a certain time (20 seconds) and it begins to flash and emit a signal for the automatic registration process until it only connects to the receiver, without having to touch that receiver.




29. Clone mode available in controller. What is a clone mode?

It is to make a copy of another remote.



30. What do we call a guillotine gate?

To the industrial gate that is completely vertical, that is not collected up to the ceiling or rolled up. In fact, it is called a guillotine because the shape is reminiscent of the homonymous torture instrument.



31. What is an absolute encoder?

It is a device that counts exactly the turns the motor makes to open and close, that is, if the motor makes 10 turns to get from bottom to top, the absolute encoder knows that it has to make 10 turns to open and another 10 to close. If, for example, you had made 5 turns, you know that you have another 5 to go, either to open or close.




32. What is the absolute encoder for?

It is like a limit switch. Know when maneuvers come to an end. Know where the gate is at all times.




33. What are the safety devices on automatic gates?

They are devices that are placed in the control panels for different types of safety, such as photocells, radio bands, pedestrian gates… For example, you put a security device on a pedestrian gate, and if you open it, the device block the control board (nor does it open nor closes). If it is a photocell and you interrupt the photocell, the gate only opens and never closes (to avoid notching). If it is a radio band then the gate closes and when it hits the radio band it opens the entire gate.



34. Where do I download Daspi App?

For Android devices you can download it at Play Store, and for iOS devices at App Store.


35. What is the gate status in Daspi App?

It is what shows us the situation of the gate all times: open, opening, stopped, closing or closed.


36. What does the pedestrian option mean in Daspi App?

When you activate this option, the gate never makes its entire route. The gate opens just enough for a person (a pedestrian) to enter/exit. For example: if a sliding gate has a distance of 6 meters to travel to fully open, with the pedestrian option it will open only 1 meter to allow the pedestrian/person to access.


38. What can I do if my WiFi is not compatible with the App? What if my WiFi connection is only 5G?

You could not connect with our devices. You would have to place a WiFi amplifier that always broadcasts at 2.4 GHz, or ask your Internet company to separate the 5 G band from the 2.4 GHz band.


39. What happens if Daspi App does not find my device?

It may be that your device is operating at 5G and not 2.4 GHz, and then it does not locate it. It could also happen that the device does not work correctly or that the distance between the device and the mobile is too big.